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Month: June 2015

real life is surreal

What a welcome back from our honeymoon!

I’m feeling pretty mushy about marriage anyway, so if you had some dust in your eye for a moment there, I join you.

We got home late Wednesday and yesterday I had my first Ruby class with Code Fellows. There was some confusion about the dates (I missed the first class), so I got started thinking that I had until Monday to get caught up, and then, surprise!, learned that class was actually that evening. I over-prepared though because I did the assignment that everyone else in the class was told to wait on. Despite that initial snafu: so far, so good. I peeked ahead and am pretty excited about some of the assignments to come, most of which come from the text we’re using, Learn to Program by Chris Pine. Also, this class is scaffolding a lot of the github interaction, which, thank God, because if you get that wrong in the beginning it just makes everything miserable.

Before class, I stopped for coffee over in South Lake Union and was struck by an awesome sense of accomplishment. Here in this mundane moment, on a beautiful day in Seattle, I was doing something very familiar, back to a routine and a path I started much earlier this year. It’s like I was rolling along, and then had this period of “brb, gotta go be a superhero for a month” — and I did (we did) — and now I’m back, feeling stronger and fortified, even though I and everything look exactly the same. I still have all the images, memories, and adrenaline of our wedding and honeymoon rolling around in my brain, but I’m the only one who can see them. Life moves on, but not in a sad way. More like: “holy crap, that actually worked. nothing broke, and everything’s better.”

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lazy morning update

Greetings from Santorini!

20150612_103502We were married on May 24 surrounded by friends and family in the best weekend of my life.  A week later we took off for Athens and are currently making our way through the islands and into Turkey!

I’ll be back in a few weeks with some Ruby updates (and, of course, an overly detailed anaysis of the trip and my packing efficiency). Can I just say that this whole experience is made better knowing that I’m returning to a “job” that I’m really excited about. Fresh starts all around. Good stuff. Here’s a couple more scenes from the island:



Antío sas!


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