I’m a trained software developer with a background in project management and communication. Prior to this career transition, I worked as an educator and non-profit development director, specializing in events and corporate/foundation partnerships for organizations working in k-12 education, media reform, and higher education. Over the past year I’ve built my skills as a programmer with Code Fellows. Today I build RESTful web applications using Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and Angular for fast and responsive web sites and APIs. I’m trained in BDD testing to ensure stable, adaptable apps with just enough code to get the job done (and no bloat).

Some highlights from my Code Fellows work include “UFundIt,” a Rails application built from the ground up in a week with two teammates, and “ORDR,” a job search tracking application we converted from MongoDB to a SQL database and added ajax for a faster browsing experience. On my own I’ve built a personal portfolio site in Rails, several twitterbots and a “Bookmerge” app that combines two classic novels and generates new text based on their union. My passion is clean, accessible, and well-organized data, and I enjoy working solo or in a group to bring an idea to life.

When I’m not coding or blogging about what I’m coding, I enjoy camping, travel, and volunteering with my neighborhood community center.

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