Before I forget… Honkoween is coming! I made this silly little bot for Josh when he asked me “can you make me a bot that tweets a link to this video once a day through Halloween?”


Who else has wishes, while I’m granting them?

I’m doing something a bit out of character for me and *going to things* this week. Yes, on top of the 7th inning stretch of class, wherein we cram in “all the other stuff you should probably know” (I see you, binary trees).

It’s exhausting but also exhilarating to revisit some of the parts of coding that most excite me. Last night I attended an event at Seattle Public Library about open data and civic action, with speakers from various government agencies and hackathons talking about some of the resources available for making public data available to be used in interesting and productive ways (while still preserving aspects of privacy). The page is a well tended well of information just waiting for a rabbit to fall down it.

I’ve been meaning to get involved with Open Seattle for a while, and this was a good kick in the pants to do so. Particularly since they are closely affiliated with a company I’d love to work for, to do this sort of partnering with government agencies to wrangle their information full-time.

Tonight I learned about a tool algorithmia that allows you to access a multitude of algorithms and fun web tricks via API access (another thing we’re focusing on in class this week). The workshop was really well-explained, demo-ed, and paced, which I appreciated as well. It provides an easy gateway into website scraping, which is something else I’ve been wanting to try out.

Tomorrow night is Pass It On at Code Fellows, an event focused on how to encourage and facilitate more women in tech roles. I’ll already be there, so all I have to do is not leave (my favorite kind of event!).

After next week, I’ll have ample time to explore (and start looking for jobs) so I’m leaving this here as bread crumbs for myself. There’s a world of tools available to build with. Now I just need some interesting questions.