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finishing the bot

finishing the bot
how you have to finish the bot…
how you watch the rest of the world from a window–
while you finish the bot

mapping out a .py
what you feel for twitter’s API
what you feel when errors that come through heroku go

“tweet status update failed on third try…”

I have been watching Stephen Sondheim musicals basically non-stop and this song seems most appropriate for the past few days. “Oh there’s a new lecture out…. BOT.” “I should get started on that javascript pre-work…. BOTBOTBOT.” “It’s 2:30 in the morning…. BOOOOOOOTTTT”


My bot is now deployed and fully-functioning out in The Cloud, thanks to Joel!

>>Ok I have a twitter bot and I want to run it but not from my personal computer, help

The above link tells the story of how I went from here (functioning bot, living on my laptop) to here (functioning bot, living on GitHub/running on heroku). First, you’ll need to install heroku and follow the directions to get started, here. After that, follow Joel’s directions and you’re golden.

I hope you didn’t have other things to do today.

UPDATE 6/25/15

This is part 2 of the tutorial.

Part 1: Build a Twitter Bot with Python

Part 3: Top Bot


  1. hello, I am a beginner to try to make a bot, and I followed several tutorials which has failed me. now I was following this and I am stucked again. could you let me know how to .env file? I’m getting closer to know what is python, PyCharm, Heroku(but not perfectly).

    • hi! here’s what my .env file looks like. it’s in the main project folder and contains the following text (numbers changed):


      does that help? the file’s name should be ‘.env’ just like your ‘.gitignore.’ Just make sure not to push your secret access keys to github where people can do bad things with them. 🙂

      • oh and here is the github repository so you can see the rest of the files in case you didn’t see that link above. .env is not there because it’s been gitignored.

      • thank you for replying, actually what I try to ask was how and where can I make .env file? when I click that link “>>Ok I have a twitter bot and I want to run it but not from my personal computer, help”, it says “Just make a file named .env that looks like this:” on step 2. do I need to install another program except PyCharm or Heroku or tweepy?

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