My latest assignment for learning web development is to build a page with some css that can “house” the silly little JavaScript games we’ve been building. I used the opportunity to launch, which I intend to build out as a non-Wordpress personal site while keeping this one a dedicated blog. The site name is a pun on the word “merrythought,” a British term for a wishbone, the etymology of which references “the pleasant thoughts imagined when the bone is ritually broken.”

Thoughts as acts of wish making, I’ll take it!

This week was a slow one to get started — I had a burst of inspiration this weekend to make an “achievement unlocked” twitter bot that has stalled out because I can’t figure out how to auto-upload an image. It’s fixable, but it requires seeking out additional expertise, and probably in person.  And we have a lot going on offline, finalizing a move (seems counter-intuitive but buying a house will save us half of what we’re currently paying in monthly rent) and planning a wedding that is slowly creeping up on me. On Sunday, we talked with our officiant who prescribed “a few pieces of undeniably beautiful music, a few readings that are meaningful to you, and make your list of people who must be involved to give their blessing.” That sounds… kinda fun, right? Well sure, if your idea of fun is curled up in a fetal position under the desk because god dammit why are all your favorite songs about loss and why is it so hard to pick readings, you have no fewer than 10,000 books to choose from… otherwise WRONG-O. Wait, let me code that…

var ceremony_planning = “pick your music, readings, and people who must be involved”

if (fun == “curled up in a fetal position under the desk”) {

  fun += ceremony_planning;

} else {



Ok, THAT was fun. Maybe Valentine’s Day will inspire me. Anyway, happy weekends to you!