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protest bots

I have to share this great new tool from dream team Darius Kazemi and DeRay Mckesson:

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.58.22 PM

If you follow, it will say something aspirational about you. Later, it will become a tool for prominent social activists to respond to onslaughts of people asking the same questions, trolling, or parroting misinformation.

I’ve been pretty sad the past few days following the Sandra Bland story, so I’m thrilled to see this marriage of technology and activism as something somewhat “in my wheelhouse” and hope it will lead to more projects and collaborations.

Also notable:

  • Block Together — required for intermediate+ Twitter users. Share your blocked accounts with trusted contacts and follow theirs for automatic blocks of hateful, misogynistic accounts (see this tweet to get started).


  1. just as an FYI, it wasn’t just Darius, but a product of the outfit he and Courtney Stanton just opened up, Feel Train, with a really awesome philosophy on how they want it run:

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