Tonight I attended my first py-ladies meetup (long loooonng overdue). I’ve been lurking this group for awhile and less so in recent months as I identified less as a py-lady and more as a rubyist, but they got me out with the lure of… can you guess? TWITTERBOTS. Oh yes. I will shower and take the #7 bus and show up for some juicy bot talk.

And so I arrived, freakishly on-time for cocktail hour (I meant to sort of slither in just in time for the talk because despite years of getting paid to successfully network I am painfully introverted and bad at intro-chat). And despite any awkwardness I met many lovely ladies and enjoyed a great talk by Elizabeth Uselton, a first cohort Ada Academy graduate. I’ll post a link to her presentation if it’s shared with me. My favorite was her description of a bot she created, “Cathy,” to gently troll her classmates through the persona of “your mom’s friend on facebook who likes the Seahawks, yoga, and everything you post, but not creepy-like.”

Some links (not-bot):

  • On Interviewing as a Junior Dev, Liz Rush (also an Ada grad)
  • Play Set! (by Jeri Sommers, another Ada student)
  • Oh crud, you guys, how did I not know about Galvanize? They run a full-stack developer bootcamp ($21k) and a data science bootcamp ($16k). I’m gonna have to update my chart.

As Liz details in her blog post about interviewing (ps. how good is her blog? I’m both inspired and intimidated), the best job prospects come from personal connections. I should dedicate time to attending conferences and meet-ups and forging these connections as a must-do, not a “nice to do” or “maybe if I like the topic.” It’s especially important for me to find women’s groups, since the connections I’ve made through other avenues have been spotty. The last class I took was probably 70% male, and several of the women I attempted to connect with had buddies with them already and didn’t venture out. Which is fine, I already established that I’m not great at making new connections either. The previous class I basically threw myself at another woman in the class who was doing cool code, and was like “hello we are going to be pals” (and we are!)

Also, I won a book raffle! What’s not to love about that. In small-world news, I have actually met one of the authors at an event from my previous job, so it was very cool to make that connection and get an invitation for further conversation. I guess now I have to visualize some data.

So anyway… feeling re-energized heading into the weekend! Hope you have a good one!

(Honeymoon report continues next week, also I am trying to get better about crediting images. I always search for “labeled for noncommercial reuse” usage rights if a picture isn’t mine, but I don’t always credit where I got those images. I’m going to change that where possible. No complaints, just being proactive!)