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report from railsconf

This past week I was fortunate to attend my first major conference as a software developer, under the RailsConf 2016 Opportunity Scholars & Guides program. Look at these cuties!


Here’s me with my awesome guide Jason:


And some sticker swag:20160508_110123

The conference food was just ok but the cake was on point:


I tried to fit in as many talks as I could, and I’ll post my favorite talks in a few weeks when the conference recordings are available. If you can’t wait, here’s two great ones available now:

For now I just want to highlight some of the inspirational people I got to meet:

Saron Yitbarek (Code Newbie) and Nadia Odunayo, co-hosts of Ruby Book Club. Nadia gave a great talk about “code hospitality” I’m still thinking about.


Coraline, creator of the Contributor Covenant, talks legacy code base, and was inducted as a Ruby Hero:

Sarah Mei, as RailsConf 2016 program chair, helped recruit a phenomenal, diverse group of speakers, and provided a great experience for conference attendees.

I got to thank and snap a picture with Michael Hartl (of the Rails Tutorial and Learn Enough Society)

New friends!

Stephanie brought Stroopwaffle from The Netherlands, because she is smart.

Hayley sold us all on Rails Camp:

Plus many more excellent developers from right here in Seattle and around the world, including some expecting and new dev moms and parents, from whom I took copious notes for future developments.

I had a blast! It was especially great to be a part of the scholars & guides group, because it provided a familiar set of faces with whom I was able to get to know over the three days. Lots of women and developers of color in this group, which helped make me feel at home and welcome all week. I’m grateful to RailsConf for the opportunity and to my job for giving me the time and space to be here, and full of love for the Ruby/Rails community. Next year in Phoenix!

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