question = raw_input(“Did everyone have a good weekend?”)

Team, you’ll be happy to know that I showed that headache and those bookshelves who’s boss (boss = “Mary”) and am feeling, well, not exactly *back in biz* but definitely *getting closer to being back in biz*. We’re scheduled to have working internet AND dishwasher this week and I am almost caught up on my class homework. Soon, perhaps, I will have working code to show you. Soon. If you want to see some non-functional code, I have that in droves.

In other news: I was going to write about a revelation in my learning style (“show me”), but I need to take a step back and think more critically about the focus of these blogs. I’ve been sharing feedback about my current class in various formats and it’s garnered me a bit of unwanted attention. I think that when I have more time in my schedule to work on projects, I can focus on those projects, and that will be great for everyone.


*Shakes it off.*

The project I’m about to embark on involves creating a donor database for a non-profit and automatically generating ‘thank you’ letters for incoming donations. No, it wasn’t my idea. 🙂 But let’s just say I know a bunch of people who could use something like that.

Would you like a preview of the ugliest donor database ever?

If you don’t know any Python, it probably looks pretty ok, right? If you do know Python, you’ll notice that this program creates *nested tuples*, which, is one step up from over-writing the previous donation amount, and one step down from Convio, the world’s worst e-mail database.

Help is on the way!

Can you believe it is almost April? :-/