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lovelymoon, part 3 (the islands)

(This is the third post in a five part series. Catch up with part 1: getting there, and part 2: athens & delphi.)

DAYS 6-7: Athens => Naxos (2 days)


  • We took the Blue Star Ferry from Pireas (10 minute metro from Athens to Pireas) to Naxos, it departed at 7:30am and we arrived around 1:00pm (4-5 hour ferry ride). We paid a bit extra for assigned seats, but then spent half the trip in the economy section, so either is fine. Runs everyday during the summer.
  • I loved Naxos!! I could have easily enjoyed 3 or 4 days here. We stayed in the lovely Chateau Zevgoli in the old part of town, where they upgraded us to the honeymoon suite and welcomed us with a bottle of local rose wine. Our best meal was nearby at Apostoli’s (look for the bicycle). There’s lots to see, do, and eat even if you never leave the labyrinthine “old town,” though accessibility may be an issue.
  • If you can drive a stick shift, rent a car. If not, resign yourself to the bus, which is doable and cheap, but requires some advance planning. On our full day in Naxos we took a bus to Chalki (crafts, walks) and also Agi Anna (beach). We arrived at the beach too late b/c naps, but the water was glorious. Further away was rumored to be nude beaches. Damn you, naps. Why did I only plan two nights here. Whyyyyyy?

Blue Star Ferry

Chateau Zevgoli


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lovelymoon, part 2 (athens & delphi)

(This is the second post in a five part series. Catch up with part 1: getting there.)

DAYS 3-6: Athens & Delphi (4 days)



  • We arrived in Athens on Friday at 1am. Our Air B&B host also drives a taxi, so he picked us up and drove us directly to the apartment (super convenient).
  • We stayed in an Air B&B in Petralona, a 10 minute walk to the Acropolis, but on the other side of town from the touristy part, and we really enjoyed it. We felt like we got to experience a quieter, more neighborhoody part of the city, but it was still easy enough to get around, with plenty of English menus and speakers. It was also super nice to have all the conveniences of home, including a washing machine and a stocked fridge. Josh made breakfast for us a few mornings.
  • You can find plenty of recommendations for what to do in Athens. I definitely recommend eating at the Acropolis Museum, on the terrace. Good food at a reasonable price, and a great view. Hold on to your Acropolis ticket, because it gets you in to a bunch of other stuff. (Unless Greece is forced to sell it, which, don’t even get me started.)
  • Eat: souvlaki, meze; Drink: frappe.
  • We got around Athens on foot and by bus. Four days is probably too many if you’re budgeting days, but I wasn’t sure if we’d be super jet-lagged and “lose” a day (we did not).  Instead, we did a day trip to Delphi (via bus) for one of the days. We had an adventure finding the right bus station but it was worth it!


Andreas’ cozy flat on Air B&B

Bus from Athens to Delphi

Next stop… to the Islands!

lovelymoon, part 1 (getting there)

For our honeymoon, Josh and I mapped out a three week trip based loosely off this one from Fodor’s:

Athens to Istanbul

Our route:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.15.55 PM

Google maps does not believe me that you can take a boat from Rhodes to Fethiye, but I assure you that you can! It wound up being a great mix of history, urban adventure, beaches, walking, travel, and unique landscapes. We stayed in a combination of luxury hotels, air B&B, free “points” hotels, and budget pensions. We got around by bus, boat, ferry, plane, and cab. Some nights we even traveled overnight, eliminating the need for extra accommodations! Here’s how we did it, if you’re contemplating a trip of your own.

(Note: this started out as one post and got way too long, so I’m going to break it into 5 parts. Suspenseful!)

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lazy morning update

Greetings from Santorini!

20150612_103502We were married on May 24 surrounded by friends and family in the best weekend of my life.  A week later we took off for Athens and are currently making our way through the islands and into Turkey!

I’ll be back in a few weeks with some Ruby updates (and, of course, an overly detailed anaysis of the trip and my packing efficiency). Can I just say that this whole experience is made better knowing that I’m returning to a “job” that I’m really excited about. Fresh starts all around. Good stuff. Here’s a couple more scenes from the island:



Antío sas!


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