Blogging to you live from ye olde custom internet domain! Let’s get meta here for a minute.

Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is important for more advanced learning in coding and software development. I used to know my way around angle brackets back in my Blogger days, but I’m rusty (real talk: is it still blogging if it comes from WordPress or should it be referred to as “pressing” now?). While the first few posts on this site were created on a hosted site (, I had always planned to migrate over to a dot com of my own, setting up a page that could get me started and documenting right away, while still allowing for more advanced customization and scaffolding down the road.

Shockingly, was available, so I snatched it up via Namecheap, who I know from my time working with Fight for the Future are big supporters of internet freedom issues. The cost to register and host for a year was $9.66  and $9.88, respectively.

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