This week, I’m shifting gears a bit to knock out the html/css prework required for my upcoming Code Fellows Foundations I class.

The Code Academy html/css track gets the job done, but is a bit tedious. Often they ask you to “create a paragraph” “make three links” “add three pictures that link to webpages” etc. Since it’s all practice and not a real page, there’s a lot of ‘hello I am a heading’ ‘I’m a new paragraph and here’s a link’, ‘I’m a list item’, ‘me too’ and pictures of bunnies linked to bunnies.com. BORING.

Ok so you’d like some more interesting text/pictures to use while doing your tutorials? Check these out…

ChaoticShiny: random RPG themed text generator. I’m fond of “constellations”: “These eleven dim stars form the shape of a winged man. The constellation represents a prophesized messiah.”

Random Text Generator: don’t care for LARPing? Ok fine, here is plain boring text. But at least you don’t have to write it yourself.

Morguefile.com: free high-res photos for either corporate or public use. (You can also search google images for photos with creative commons license, but this is easy.)

Lorempixel: you specific a size and theme, it spits out a picture. Choose a “random” option for a picture that changes each time it loads!

Placekitten: ” ” (with kittens)

Random User Generator: I haven’t used this yet, but gives you a random profile for creating social media tools, I guess. Cool!

Coolors.co: …stop clicking through the pretty colors and get back to coding, Mary.