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Month: March 2015

show me state

question = raw_input(“Did everyone have a good weekend?”)

Team, you’ll be happy to know that I showed that headache and those bookshelves who’s boss (boss = “Mary”) and am feeling, well, not exactly *back in biz* but definitely *getting closer to being back in biz*. We’re scheduled to have working internet AND dishwasher this week and I am almost caught up on my class homework. Soon, perhaps, I will have working code to show you. Soon. If you want to see some non-functional code, I have that in droves.

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week 2, what it do?

Hi everyone, Mary here, checking in for a Python – Week 2 update.

BUT FIRST: it is Friday at 3:30, I have a monster headache, and my ongoing lack of internet at home has made pretty much everything more difficult this week. However, you have come to this here website and by God, you shall have content!

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New Homed!

You deserve (well, I deserve, and you can read along if you want) a longer update about our recent Seattle move.


Background: Last September the house I’d been renting out in Houston became vacant (tenant moved for a new job) and rather than seek out a new tenant, we decided to take advantage of great market conditions and sell. For this I enlisted my awesome friend and Realtor Holly Delmonico, who helped me get the house on the market and sold in a weekend. I never even had to leave Washington.

I started stalking Redfin for open houses in West and South Seattle, and along the way we met our Washington Realtor Moose Math (great name, right?) who picked up right away on what Josh and I were looking for and impressed us with his knowledge of and personal connection to the neighborhood we were interested in. Like any home search, we had a few things going on in our favor and some challenges to overcomes (I’m going to talk about money here, because in general I’m in favor of more financial transparency and demystifying the process):
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new foundations & false starts

First, a new house update: still getting settled, but happy. No internet yet at home, which is stressful for a few reasons, one being that my new class started and I haven’t been able to fully access the courseware. But, I’m in love with our new neighborhood and yesterday I discovered the Hillman City Collaboratory that has co-working space available (and so much other cool stuff that deserves a post of its own). I may head over there today and take advantage of their internet.


On to the class…

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MITx review

Hey readers,

Our move is this Friday, and my next Code Fellows class starts up the following Monday. So, I am calling last week and this week “spring break” for sanity’s sake. Back with more content next week if not sooner!

Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python,” a MOOC that comes to a close on Tuesday after nine weeks. Even with some serious slacking/re-prioritization the last few weeks, I’ll complete the class with at least a 57%, which is a passing “C” grade. With a bit of effort into the final exam, I’m hoping to hit 65% for a “B.” And a great thing is that you get to keep access to the course after it ends, so I’ll be able to catch up on what I missed eventually (after all, this is about the learning and not the grade).

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my code fellows instructor shared this… he is the coolest:


see also:

css puns

-Mary out


house of cards

While the rest of the internet was tuning into Netflix on Saturday, I was sitting in a basement classroom learning about Unix and git. SO FUN I know. I was actually looking forward to it because I still don’t really understand about branches and forking and merging and pull requests and ahhhhh all that version control stuff. And, the 1-day course came with a substantial but manageable list of pre-work, which is something this org does well and I appreciate.

Unfortunately, we used a LOT of class time going over that pre-work and other very introductory material, such that I found myself multi-tasking (like Unix!) and finished my final project for class. Appropriately: a game of cards.


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