Hey folks, this is a short, feel-good post.

I’m halfway through my Ruby II class and I’ve completed all the homework exercises.

_All of them._ Two weeks ahead.

I’m now working on the development accelerator (DA) application challenges, which are going to be challenging, but seem entirely doable.

I’m light years ahead of where I was halfway through the Python II class. If you’re considering taking a Code Fellows Foundations II class (or any coding class), you might be interested to know WHY this one is going so much better than the last. So here are a few of the contributing factors, as far as I can tell:

1. The class is easier. (Yes, I said it!) It’s easier in some good ways, like very clear assignments and related resources, and no git/development environment muckiness. It may also be easier in the sense that we’re not going as deep into the content or building more complex projects. That would be a shame, if a $1,500 class teaches a little more than what you would learn through a free/cheap online tutorial. But, I’m taking the stance here that you get out what you put in — if you only want to ‘pass,’ you can do that easily. If you want content mastery such that you’ll be ready for the more intense DA path, that’s going to require some independent effort.

2. I have the resources I need to be successful. Last time around, we had just moved and I didn’t have an internet connection at home. This time I do. For this class, there was pre-work and a great textbook I posted about yesterday. In addition to the assignments being more transparent, the instructor is also more willing to share possible solutions (so I haven’t ever gotten so stuck to where I could not continue on), and the topics covered in class are reflected in the assignments. In sum: They line them up, I knock ’em down.

3. Fear of poverty is real. 🙂 I’m six months out of employment now (eeek) and money goes out of the bank account, but it doesn’t come in. We’ve budgeted on Josh’s income and savings and we’re doing just fine, but I am feeling that urge that it is time to get the train back on the track. And that means that acceptance into the DA is required, not optional. That’s enough to light a fire to get working, two weeks ahead even.

4. All of this is easy compared to planning a wedding. Ok, not really. Our wedding was pretty lo-key as these things go. But, we put a lot of hard work and money into the first half of this year, and the payoff is a peaceful place to work, a revived spirit and soul, and a supportive partner and family beside me.

And finally, here’s a picture, since the rules of the web dictate that it’s not allowed to have a blog post without a picture, even short ones:


Oh hey, that’s The Parthenon! You know the one, right? The enduring symbol of democracy and one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments? You probably built one out of graham crackers in 5th grade? That’s in Greece, which is not only the center of the universe (sorry, Fremont) but has been churning out knowledge and culture since several hundreds of bcs. I’ve been sort of following the whole Greece debt debate (this is a good analysis) but as far as I’m concerned they should be free to have their souvlaki and eat it too, they’ve earned it. In fact, I am a bit outraged that Seattle, which has been around for like 10 minutes relatively speaking, is experiencing a “tech boom” while Athens is at 25% unemployment. We should probably all move there. Or at least show a little respect? (Ok, end rant.)