You deserve (well, I deserve, and you can read along if you want) a longer update about our recent Seattle move.


Background: Last September the house I’d been renting out in Houston became vacant (tenant moved for a new job) and rather than seek out a new tenant, we decided to take advantage of great market conditions and sell. For this I enlisted my awesome friend and Realtor Holly Delmonico, who helped me get the house on the market and sold in a weekend. I never even had to leave Washington.

I started stalking Redfin for open houses in West and South Seattle, and along the way we met our Washington Realtor Moose Math (great name, right?) who picked up right away on what Josh and I were looking for and impressed us with his knowledge of and personal connection to the neighborhood we were interested in. Like any home search, we had a few things going on in our favor and some challenges to overcomes (I’m going to talk about money here, because in general I’m in favor of more financial transparency and demystifying the process):
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